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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Custom Plastic & Metal Parts Made Quickly, Inexpensively

An electronic housing rapid prototype for Dwight, made by the Quickparts/CES partnership.

Quickparts and Contract Engineering Services have formed a partnership to design and produce products with molded plastics, sheet-metal and most materials used in electronic applications. "Quickparts is an entirely new way to obtain custom-manufactured plastic and metal parts," said Ronald L. Hollis, Ph. D., President and CEO, Quickparts. "A more traditional method of obtaining custom parts takes too much time, leaves room for error and is often a bigger hassle than anticipated."

Dwight Smith, CES owner, explained, "Using a Six Sigma Lean Design approach, we work closely with clients to help them design their products without having to hire a full-time mechanical engineer. An example of a typical project is the production of metal hand-held enclosures for electronic medical devices," said Smith. "Quickparts has been instrumental in the success of this project from the initial prototype to production quantities."

Price Competitive Quotes
"The Quickparts/CES partnership works like this," continued Smith. "By providing Quickparts with our requirements, we receive an instant price quotation. From the very first quote, Quickparts is the most price competitive; they have people like Adam Ragsdale, Senior Project Manager, who are responsive and a knowledgeable source for the required parts."

"Obtaining the actual parts is critical," said Smith. "Quickparts' delivery record is outstanding! Most importantly, the follow-up and follow-through is the key ingredient to our successful partnership. Even though Quickparts' pricing was a refreshing breakthrough, it is the commitment to customer service that brings CES back for more," he added.

The CES system for meeting customer requirements looks like this: understand the customer requirement; develop the product concept and specification; create 3D parametric models; analyze part fit, function and stress; create drawings; build prototype parts and test; and then build production parts and test.

Maximizing Speed and Accuracy
By maximizing the speed, accuracy and efficiency of Internet commerce, the Quickparts QuickQuote® process enables product designers to obtain instant price quotes and buy custom parts online 24/7. Quickparts has served over 36,000 users, generating more than 233,000 custom quotes for plastic and metal parts from customers' unique designs. With Quickparts' QuickQuote technology, users simply upload 3D CAD data, select a manufacturing process and a custom quote will be presented in seconds!

Quickparts provides custom-manufacturing services for engineers and designers who would like to create plastic and/or metal parts from 3D CAD models. Quickparts serves customers in a range of industries, from consumer products to Defense contractors. Customers include GE, Whirlpool and Lockheed Martin. With its proprietary QuickQuote geometric analysis software, Quickparts provides product designers instant online quotes for the manufacturing of custom parts, in either prototype or production quantities. Quickparts service offerings include: rapid prototypes, cast urethanes, CNC machining, injection mold tooling and parts, and sheet metal parts.

Wide Range of Products
Contract Engineering Services, based in Bedford, VA, is focused on developing ideas and solving problems. With more than 15 years of experience in mechanical engineering, CES' experience base spans the telecommunications, medical, automotive, marine, and construction industries. For many companies, recent economic conditions have forced painful downsizing decisions. CES' diverse background and partnership with Quickparts fills the gaps for businesses that range from an entrepreneurial start-up to a large corporation. CES has experience in both new product design and current product evaluation, which gives clients peace of mind and bottom line results. CES products include critical communications radio equipment and accessories, cellular telephones and accessories, MIL-Std electronics packaging, and consumer electronics. CES holds numerous U.S. and international patents for cell phone power and electronics housings and enclosures.

CES provides finished products using a variety of processes and techniques including, injection molded plastics, insert and second shot molding and overmolding, die cast and thixomolded metal parts, formed metal parts, die cut vents, gaskets and adhesives, flex films, elastomeric connectors, conductive coatings, PCB layout, keypads, lightguides, snapdomes, plating, painting and texturing, ultrasonic welds, RF grounding and shielding, molded conductive environmental seal, dispensed gaskets, extruded conductive gaskets, sheet metal enclosures and assemblies, thermal coatings and phase changing materials, and molded EPS and insulating ceramic coatings.

For more information, contact: Quickparts, Inc., 219 Perimeter Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30346 877-521-8683 Web: or Contract Engineering Services, 1933 Twin Lake Drive, Bedford, VA 24523 434-661-7258, fax: 540-586-5935 Web:

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