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Publication Date: 05/1/2007
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Adhesive Packaging Intros 3-PAK Disposable Kits

Peabody, MA — Adhesive Packaging Specialties has introduced 3-PAK component packaging, a disposable kit capable of holding three liquids or a powder and two liquids. According ...
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all4-PCB: Machine Automates Mylar Peeling

Los Angeles, CA — Distributor all4-PCB has introduced KSL- Kuttler's fully automated Mylar peeling machine. Until now, this has traditionally been a labor-intensive, manual operation. The ...Read More
AmTech Intros Ultrasonic Solar Panel Welder

Danbury,CT — AmTech has introduced a new welding system to the Ultraseamproduct offering, the Ultraseam20 Ultrasonic Solar Panel Seam Welder Turnkey System. This semiautomatic ...Read More
Asymtek Intros Programmable Automated Dispensing System

Carlsbad, CA — Asymtek, a Nordson company, is introducing its automated dispensing system, the DispenseMate® D583/585. Based on the popular DispenseMate D-550 benchtop series ...Read More
CheckSum Intros In-Circuit Tester

Arlington, WA — CheckSum has introduced a new in-circuit tester aimed at users of Agilent 3070-series testers who need to increase test capacity. The Analyst fcs Low-Cost In-Ci ...Read More
Christopher Intros 3D Inspection Profiler

Santa Ana, CA — Christopher Associates has introduced its Machvision 3D Profiler for the inspection of laser via topography. One of the critical issues in High Density Intercon ...Read More
Cortec: Special Paper Inhibits Metal Tarnish

St. Paul, MN — Cortec® Corporation's VpCIT Corrosorber Paper is a dual action tarnish-inhibiting protective paper specifically formulated for gold, silver, brass, copper and ...Read More
Creform: New Concept Pushcart Design

Greer, SC — Creform Corp. has developed a new structure concept using the Creform® System — a series of plastic coated tubing, joints and accessories — to provide manuf ...Read More
Dage Intros Large Board X-Ray Inspection System

Fremont, CA — Dage Precision Industries is introducing its newest development in x-ray inspection technology, the Dage XiDAT XD7800 large board format digital x-ray inspection ...Read More
DVD Demos Remstar's Space-Saving System

Westbrook, ME — Remstar's space-saving product and applications are demonstrated clearly in a new DVD available from the company. The DVD shows how to take advantage of the spe ...Read More
Dynatech Intros Samsung Advanced Flexible Assembler

Horsham PA — Samsung has broken the speed barrier for mid- range production systems with the SM321 Series. According to the company, the machine places at a speed of 21,000 CPH ...Read More
Electrolube: Aquacoat Plus Now in Sprayable Formula

Swadlicote, Derbyshire, UK — Electrolube's Aquacoat Plus is now available in two formulations: WBP is the standard product while WBPS (sprayable) has been specifically formulat ...Read More
Electrovert Launches New Wave Soldering System

Franklin, MA — Speedline Technologies has introduced its new Electrovert VectraES wave soldering system. This value leader brings innovation and process flexibility to the ...Read More
Elektrobit: Hi-Accuracy Hi-Speed Router

Irving, TX — Elektrobit's J501-44 high speed router is a compact inline machine suited to high volume production of small panels. It makes innovative use of grippers to hold th ...Read More
Epoxies, Etc. Develops UV Curable Adhesive

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc., has developed a UV curable adhesive and potting compound, UV Cure 60-7108. It is an electronic grade UV curable adhesive and potting compound. It ...Read More
Fancort Intros A Family of ESD Safe Trays

West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort Industries' line of molded conductive trays can be used to store and transport static-sensitive components and assemblies within a plant. These tray ...Read More
Flexaust: Thermoplastic Rubber Hose for Fumes & Dust

Warsaw, IN — A new medium-weight black thermoplastic rubber hose with a safety yellow external polypropylene wear strip that is Suitable for fume and dust removal has been intr ...
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Goepel: Boundary Scan Platform Controllers

Austin, TX — Goepel has introduced another series of PXI controllers within the frame of the revolutionary Boundary Scan hardware platform, SCANFLEX. The new SCANFLEX Boun ...
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GSI Group Intros In-Line AOI System

Wilmington, MA — GSI Group has introduced the SVS Ascent, a completely new platform for in-line, 3-D SMT inspection of solder paste depositions and component placement for proc ...Read More
Hard Surface Gap Fillers from Fujipoly

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly America Corp. now has available its Sarcon® GR and XR thermal interface materials with a hardened top surface. The hardened surface is less tacky than ...Read More
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