Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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GlucoScanner, the painless method for glucose monitoring, has been miniaturized and it is now ready for obtaining medical certifications
GlucoScanner, the non-invasive sensor for blood glucose levels, has finally been miniaturized. The device has been developed at Dynamic Brain Labs, in their Tokyo laboratory. GlucoScanner is the only device in the world that does not require the penetration of tissues and disposable products. An integrated system of sensors, mobile apps and data services will enable global scale research of diabetes aiming to further understanding and to prevent health related crises.

Until January 2018, GlucoScanner has been tested through experiments with the general public in the Tokyo area. Now, the second phase, the miniaturization process started in February 2018, has been completed.

“As soon as prototypes will be ready, we will evaluate our product performance, in a clinical trial being organized, and test if it complies with consumer product quality and safety standards. At the same time, we will start also the necessary procedures to evaluate if our product complies with different medical standard”, explains Stefano Valenzi, the inventor of GlucoScanner.

So far, the biggest challenge has been to find companies able to customize existing technology into sensors specialized for the GlucoScanner prototype. Sensors already available on the market were not able to fulfil the quality requirements needed for GlucoScanner’s measurements. Dynamic Brain Labs has finally found a partner in Japan able to develop sensors of satisfactory sensitivity, quality and form factor needed for fabrication of GlucoScanner. The production of samples has begun, and will be followed by any necessary safety tests and certifications in September.

“After reviewing and improving the hardware for the production of a photoplethysmogram and employing uncommon infrared wavelengths with other physiological data, we have also developed our personal approach and created an innovative method to collect and evaluate data. Thanks to our innovative technologies and experience with modern data analysis methods, GlucoScanner evaluation of blood glucose levels is extremely accurate. To the best of my knowledge, GlucoScanner shows higher accuracy than any other non-invasive optical device. Our prototypes were so far tested in the range of ~80mg up to 530mg/dL. Dynamic Brain Labs has already performed two experiments with the general public, inviting over 100 subjects in the Tokyo area. The first experiment took place in June 2017 with our 3rd generation prototype. The 3rd generation is the last prototype assembled manually in our labs, each with custom 3d printed finger cuff”, describes Valenzi.

GlucoScanner will be a revolutionary product for the millions of people daily struggling with diabetes: the device is painless and cuts the cost of disposable products. Lowering the expenses of this procedure will mean that people, who until now could not afford the test strip method, could become able to monitor their blood glucose, and potentially live a better life. Monitoring blood glucose is necessary to control the body weight, to optimize working out activities, and finally to help people ageing in a healthier body and with a healthier mind. The device in fact, was studied not only for people with diabetes, but also for athletes, pregnant women, hospitalized people and everyone who wants to live a healthier life.

Next step will be the launch on the market, following further study in a Japanese hospital, aimed at to evaluating the performance of the new GlucoScanner and obtaining medical certifications.

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