Monday, September 24, 2018
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Fancort Industries, Inc. Offers Programmable Up Vac Routers
WEST CALDWELL, NJ - Fancort offers a wide choice of PCB routers including two desktop models that are available with twin tables for increased through-put. The two desktop routers only differ in the use of fixtures.

The "up-vac" model can use our adjustable fixture making it ideal for CM's with a high mix of panels. The "down-vac" model is designed for use with dedicated fixtures where the production runs are longer, there is no time lost in fixture set-up, and no risk of an operator making the wrong set-up.

Finally our new floor mounted routers offer a vision system and camera system for programming along with some other unique features.

Janome Desktop Robots.
Programming using a user-friendly teaching pendant with large, 7-line LCD screen. No need to learn complicated programming languages.
Vacuum system for Down Vac version sits under the board support fixture for removing debris and dust.
Optional Ionizing air nozzle on the spindle motor reduces static in the debris area.
50,000 rpm spindle motor.
Repeatable accuracy ±.01mm.
Three models available up to a work area of 493mm x 437mm x 150mm.

For more information, please visit Fancort Industries, Inc.

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