Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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CIT Relay & Switch Offers Two Types of Coded Rotary DIP Switches
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - CIT Relay & Switch offers Coded Rotary DIP switches in two sizes. The RD07 Series is a 7mm sub-miniature DIP offering a flush arrow, 4.9mm knurled slot or 4.2mm flat slot actuator style. The RD07 is available with three different position options, (4, 10, &16). The RD10 Series is a 10mm miniature DIP with five different position options, (4, 6, 8, 10, & 16). Actuator options from the RD10 are flush arrow or 7.3mm knurled arrow. Both the RD07 and the RD10 are IP67 process sealed with code options for Real Code or Complementary Code. Available with multiple terminal options, both the RD07 Series and the RD10 Series offer packaging options of tube or tape & reel.

Lead-time averages 6 to 8 weeks. Volume pricing is dependent on option choices. Contact CIT directly for a quote and sample to solve your DIP switch needs.

CIT RELAY & SWITCH, a division of Circuit Interruption Technology, Inc., manufactures a broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial and audio relays and switches in thru-hole, panel, and surface mount styles. CIT RELAY & SWITCH products are supported by a worldwide network of distributors and sales representatives. For more information about the CIT RELAY & SWITCH Coded Rotary DIP switches or any of the CIT switch or relay products, contact:

14680 James Road,
Rogers, Minnesota, 55374 USA.

Phone: 763-535-2339, Fax: 763-535-2194
E-Mail: sales@citrelay.com
Website: www.citrelay.com

RD07 Series Direct Link: https://www.citrelay.com/view_switch.php?series=RD07
RD10 Series Direct Link: https://www.citrelay.com/view_switch.php?series=RD10

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