Monday, July 23, 2018
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MicroCoat Technologies: Epoxy Ring Bleedout Issues Solved
With substrate real estate shrinking to “I can barely see it” dimensions, die placement very close to active wirebond areas was a major issue as pretty much all available adhesives had epoxy ring runout of as much 300-500um. Wirebonding down from a die or to a die with lines and wire placement as close as 250um is now pretty much standard.

MicroCoat Technologies has developed their MiniDot technology for conductive and non-conductive die attach adhesives as the adhesives of choice for very small die, micro BGA’s, MCM, etc. placement/attachment. MCT SD0802-31 fine line/fine dot conductive adhesive and MCT 1107-2 non-conductive adhesive will give you <75um epoxy ring sitting uncured for 2 hours and <125um when cured for 1 hour at 150C. The SD0802-31 is a frozen material with a RT storage of 5-6 days and 12 months at -40C; MCT 1107-2 is a non-frozen material with Room Temp storage of 6 months and 12 months at -20C.

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