Saturday, February 17, 2018
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PACE Delivers 100th PRC 2000 Miniature/Microminiature Repair System to DLA under $1.2 Million Contract
VASS, NC - PACE Worldwide recently delivered the 100th PRC 2000 Miniature/Microminiature Electronic Repair System to Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, part of a $1.2M contract requiring delivery of 384 total systems. DLA procured the PRC 2000’s in support of NAVSEA's 2M/MTR (Miniature/Microminiature/Module Test and Repair) Program, in which PACE has been an active participant for over 40 years.

The 2M/MTR Program provides the tools and techniques required for certified Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard electronic repair technicians to perform highly reliable, high quality repairs on complex circuit card assemblies. Utilized at all major US and International Military depots, the PRC 2000 is the primary electronic repair kit employed in shipboard repair shops, mobile maintenance vans and thousands of intermediate maintenance facilities worldwide.

The system is a venerable workhorse that has been available since the early 90's. System quality, reliability, longevity, durability and sustainability have been proven through millions of military operating hours. Over ten thousand PRC 2000s have been manufactured (3000 fielded for the 2M/MTR Program), many of which are still in use after 20+ years.

Often described as the “ultimate PCB rework and repair system,” the multifunction PRC 2000 tackles just about any thru-hole or SMT application, and is well suited for multilayer repairs on damaged or prototype PCBs. Advanced capabilities include conductive, resistance and hot-air soldering, continuous-vacuum desoldering, conformal coating removal, solder paste dispensing, miniature machining/drilling, component handling and thermal wire stripping.

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