Monday, September 24, 2018
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Ambient Shadow Moiré Warpage Measurements Reduce Defect Rates

The electronics assembly industry is being challenged with materials, components and assemblies that are more prone to warpage-induced defects both pre-reflow and in-between reflow stages. The majority of traditional warpage and deformation testing has taken place in a controlled environment ...

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Flexible Industrial PC Production with SEHO Selective Soldering

In 1983, Siemens Karlsruhe began manufacturing augmented standard PC technology to meet its customers' demanding industrial requirements. The operation has grown to become a 4,500-employee operation, the fifth-largest Siemens AG location in Germany. Optimized production steps carefully ...

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Magnetic Attraction: Combining M12 Connectors with Transformers

Transformers play a major role in today's Ethernet communications technology; without them, broadband data transfer with high signal integrity would be nearly impossible. Typically, network devices and cabling sections have to be galvanically isolated from each other in order to protect ...
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Smart Reflow: Industry 4.0 is Actually Delivering

Some companies may find the change to Industry 4.0 overwhelming, though it is one of the most exciting developments in the manufacturing industry in decades. It promises vast improvements for both manufacturers and their customers.

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Smarter, Faster, Leaner: The Democratization of DFM

Design for manufacturing (DFM) software for printed circuit boards has been around since the mid-1990s. It began with bareboard fabricators who wanted to make sure that they fully understood the design they received, in order to avoid any manufacturing issues. When PCB designers got ...

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Visual Work Instructions are the GPS of Manufacturing

Operating in a high-mix, low-volume environment, effectively navigating the manufacturing process can be complex and difficult. But there are reliable solutions to help steer manufacturers toward the most efficient processes. One of these is the company Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) ...

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X-ray Uncovers the Best and Worst of BGA Assembly

BGA technology is touted as the ideal interconnect solution because it uses solder balls as leads to provide a reasonable level of self-alignment. That means that there is some tolerance in the placement accuracy, which is a direct function of the size and density of the BGA.
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