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2017: What's Next in Tech?

Lately, my Januaries have started with a trip to Las Vegas, not to ring in the new year, but to visit the world's largest consumer electronics trade show, CES. I always enjoy this optimistic start to the year and the enthusiasm that both large and small companies bring to the world ...

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21st Century Inspection: Lectronics Gains X-ray Vision

Analyzing solder joints for leadless components has always been tricky business. Traditionally, the electronics manufacturing industry has relied on manual visual inspection or 2D X-ray systems to determine whether or not a connection is acceptable.

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Better Together: Yamaha, Trans-Tec and ADCO Circuits

There are few things as valuable to a growing business as an excellent partnership. The success story behind ADCO Circuits, Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, and Trans-Tec Worldwide, Yamaha's global service and support partner, is one example of an EMS provider, an OEM and a service and ...

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Successfully Navigating the Nearshore Movement

When OEMs design a supply chain, the factor that speaks the loudest is total landed cost (TLC). Wrapped up in this figure are variables that include labor, material, transport, and regulatory costs. Overall, the supply chain must balance a slew of considerations — product lifecycle ...

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