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DC/DC Converters: It's Not Your Father's Input Voltage Anymore!

Solar, wind turbines, and AC inputs for high-power industrial use are all part of today's design mainstream. This includes 480VAC that can be converted to approximately 680VDC, which is closely tied to great technical leaps in the battery industry. Improved power and reliability are ...

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Improving Cable Quality and Reliability — Resistance Measurement to Within 1mΩ

Precision low-value resistance measurements become necessary when testing cables intended to carry significant current. This is of prime importance in high-reliability applications used by the military, medical field, aerospace, and other areas where a life may depend on the accuracy ...

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Robust Interconnect Solutions for Reliability

The quality and reliability of an interconnect directly influence system performance and reliability. The impact of an interconnect is often appreciated only when poorly manufactured or incorrectly specified connectors fail, erode system performance, or bring the system to a complete ...

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Solderability and Tinning: Does the Industry Know the Difference?

A particular dilemma facing the industry today stems from the difference in purpose of solderability and tinning services. While NJMET has had the privilege of providing these services to the aerospace, military and medical fields, often, purchasing and engineering personnel confuse ...

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Solving Power Supply Integration Issues

Design engineers face many challenges when selecting and integrating power supplies into equipment. Most designers search for and choose a supply based solely on its published specifications, believing they have selected the right product for their application. Only after receiving ...

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Tiny Components Find Homes in Smaller Circuits

Electronic components are becoming smaller and more energy efficient. These trends are apparent in analog, digital, optical, and hybrid components in many different markets and are enabling the design and development of compact, low-power electronic products for a wide range of users ...

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Understanding Video Latency

In most cases, users want latency — the time it takes for a single frame of video to go from a camera to a display — to be as short as possible. A delay between what is seen on a display and what happens can be frustrating and problematic in many situations, such as a machine ...

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