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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage

During a roundtable event at this year's APEX Expo, executives from Kimball, Ventec and Omnics joined Scoop Communications’ Philip Stoten to discuss supply chain requirements and how good supply chain strategy can be a distinct differentiator and competitive advantage. Traceability data is also becoming ...

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Cognitive Computing from the Shop Floor to the Supply Chain

{FP}Artificial and augmented intelligence capabilities are drastically transforming both the factory floor and the supply chain. "Cognitive Manufacturing," as it is called, is an evolutionary step in computer-enabled production system control that pushes beyond "smart" technologies.

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Industry 4.0, AI and the Smart Supply Chain

A lot has been said about Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing process, but not so much about its place in the supply chain. Also, what role can artificial intelligence (AI) play in the supply chain? At SMTA International 2017 in Rosemont, Illinois, Scoop's Philip Stoten was joined by Marie Cole, distinguished ...

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Sending Supply Chain to the Cloud

Spreadsheets have their place; they are great for expenses or budgets, but supply chain complexity has moved far beyond the capability they offer, such as VLOOKUPs and pivot tables. They are useful for sorting data, and occasionally for utilizing that data for simple and structured calculations. But ...

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Three Ways Supply Chain Affects Time-to-Market

The impact of time-to-market on profitability is a given. A report published by McKinsey claimed that on average, businesses lose 33 percent of profit by launching a project on-budget, but behind schedule by six months. In comparison, the study found that launching a product on-time, but 50 percent ...

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Key Takeaways from CES 2017

Consumer electronics trade show CES 2017, held in January, displayed an incredible array of new technology, along with healthy doses of innovation, inspiration and education. Among the variety of products and trends, several key things stood out. Advances in the collection and use of ...

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Planning Beyond the Spreadsheet

Numerous companies with a broad range of supply chain issues have been stuck in a rut for nearly two decades. Their common theme: most of them have spent a significant amount of money implementing ERP and best-of-breed software solutions, but when it comes to tactical and operational ...

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Five Key Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2017

If adjectives like "smarter," "connected," "visible," and "automated" aren't terms you would use to describe your supply chain, perhaps they should be. These are key trends we expect to impact the industry in 2017.
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Which Supply Chain Suits You?

In the supply chain world there is no silver bullet — no one-size-fits-all solution. The challenge is to select the supply chain that you need, rather than following a trend or using the supply chain that suits your vendor. Your vendors may have mixed priorities, and while they probably ...
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How to Mitigate Risk in the Supply Chain

Shipping giant Hanjin Shipping's recent filling for bankruptcy protection, and the subsequent stranded vessels, is yet another example of the risk inherent in any supply chain. As ships remain unable to offload containers, many supply chain managers will be searching for solutions to ...

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You Get What You Measure, Not What You Order

I have said a lot in the past about the importance of vendor selection, contract negotiation and providing your outsourced manufacturing partner with a detailed specification of your requirements, but even that is not where it ends. Time and time again we have seen projects go awry ...
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Interview with Peter Li, CEO of Atlas Wearables & Mark Medlen of Riverwood Solutions

At IDTechEx in Santa Clara, Atlas Wearables Founder & CEO Peter Li shared the stage with Riverwood Solutions' COO Mark Medlen to present his journey from maker to manufacturer and how the resources provided by Riverwood Solutions had assisted in that journey.

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The State of American High-Tech Manufacturing: Part 1

The U.S. presidential election season has long been a stage for the discussion of jobs. And no discussion of U.S. jobs is complete without serious conversation about the nature of various jobs, and the desire to create more of them in the manufacturing sector.

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The State of American High-Tech Manufacturing: Part 2

As the U.S. presidential race intensifies and the field of candidates narrows, one topic of discussion is heard consistently above the racket: U.S. jobs. Last month, in the May issue of U.S.Tech, "The State of American High-Tech Manufacturing: Part 1" highlighted a statistical decline in ...

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Reducing Time to Profit — The Most Important Objective For Startups

At Riverwood Solutions, we are often hired by startups. Our approach, which drives toward "better decisions, better products and better profits" seems to resonate with them. Just as often, we are put into startups by venture capitalists (VCs) or private equity firms looking to ensure that their cash ...

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3D Printing Adds a New Dimension

In the last year or so, 3D printing seems to have found its feet in terms of technology and applications, confirming its place in our future. It is now impacting the electronics supply chain from innovation to fulfillment; this is in part due to price. We are currently seeing 3D printers priced below ...

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Riverwood Solutions Survey Exposes the Wearables Technology Supply Chain

As part of the buildup to our presence at IDTechEx in Santa Clara, California, we asked more than 600 supply chain experts what was keeping them awake at night in the wearables technology supply chain arena.

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The Art of Vendor Selection

Neither Alibaba nor DigiKey provide a supply chain strategy. So what are the 10 most important things to consider when developing an outsourced manufacturing solution and the supply chain that surrounds it?

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Can a supply chain be a competitive advantage? An example from the laminate industry.

Jack Pattie, Ventec USA.

Designing a supply chain for the supply of laminates and pre-pregs to the printed circuit board (PCB) fabricator shouldn't be that complicated, but there's often more to it than meets the eye.

It is made more complicated because the supply chain is rarely fully owned by one supplier, and hence cannot be customized to the needs of each customer. A number of other factors also complicate the supply chain as it moves from laminator to distributor and sales agent and eventually through logistics provider to the final destination, the customer.

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IoT and the Supply Chain

We've seen so very much in the media recently about IoT and its potential to benefit consumer and manufacturer alike. Trends around IoM (Internet of Manufacturing) and Industry 4.0 are all largely focused on operations, but where does the potential lie for big data within the supply ...

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Indium Corporation Earns International Automotive Quality Recognition – ISO/TS 16949
CLINTON, NY - Indium Corporation has been awarded ISO/TS 16949 management system certificates for two of its manufacturing facilities and company headquarters.

“SRI Quality System Registrar (SRI) is pleased to acknowledge that Indium Corporation has demonstrated effective implementation of a management system that satisfies the tough auto standard: ISO/TS 16949,” stated Edward L. Maschmeier, Director, Certification. 

Lackwerke Peters GmbH & Co. KG: Chief Technology Officer completes Peters Management Board
KEMPEN, GERMANY - As of January 1st, 2018, the chemist Dr. Pavel Gentschev joined Peters Research GmbH & Co. KG where he fills the position of ”Chief Technology Officer. Besides high-level planning and coordination of R&D projects and Quality Assurance, he will bring new ideas and impetus to the R&D team for both new and further developments of high-tech coating materials. 

Luc Van den hove to Receive SEMI Sales and Marketing Excellence Award
MILPITAS, CA - SEMI today announced that Luc Van den hove, president and CEO of imec, has been selected as the 2018 recipient of the SEMI Sales and Marketing Excellence Award, inspired by Bob Graham.

Boston Semi Equipment Receives Multisystem Order for Innovative Zeus Pressure MEMS Test Handler
BILLERICA, MA - Boston Semi Equipment (BSE), a global semiconductor test handler manufacturer and provider of test automation technical services, announced today that it has received a multisystem order for its Zeus gravity feed systems for handling pressure MEMS devices. 

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