Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Anaheim Scientific introduces the E200 3-Axis RF Field Strength Meter, the second in its series of EM meters.
YORBA LINDA, CA - ? Anaheim Scientific releases the second product in the new E-Series of Electromagnetic Meters, the E200 3-Axis RF Field Strength Meter. This meter is designed for measuring and monitoring radio-frequency electromagnetic field strengths. With adjustable alarm thresholds, the ability to store and recall up to 200 data sets and its compact size with ruggedized construction, the E200 is well suited for both field and lab use.

E200 ? 3-Axis RF Field Strength Meter
Isotropic (non-directional) measurements of electromagnetic fields with three-channel measurement sensor
Adjustable alarm threshold and memory function
Reports electrical and magnetic field strength and power density
High frequency radiation range of 50 to 3.5GHz
Store and recall up to 200 data sets
List Price: $195.00

The E200 is useful for many different applications:

Measurements of electric field strength in TEM cells and absorber rooms
Mobile phone base station antenna radiation power density measurements
Wireless communication applications (CW, TDMA, GSM, DECT)
RF power measurement for transmitters
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installation
Spy camera, wireless bug finder
Cellular phone radiation safety levels
Microwave oven leakage detection
Personal living environment EMF safety

For additional specifications, accessories, photos, and support documents: E200
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