Monday, April 23, 2018
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Balver Zinn Group’s Area Sales Manager to Present at IPC Standard Workshop in Russia
BALVE, GERMANY - The Balver Zinn Group has announced that Han Raetsen, Area Sales & Support Manager, will present at the IPC Standard and Electronic Manufacturing workshop and seminar, scheduled to take place Sept. 3-4, 2014 in Moscow, Russia. Raetsen will present, “Mixed Technology: The impact of using a SnPb soldering material in combination with Pb-free components” and “Reliability of Fluxes in Selective Soldering Applications.” 

The first presentation, entitled, “Mixed Technology,” will provide insight into the reliability of mixed technology compared to SnPb and Pb-free technology.  Some soldering processes still are SnPb, while the SnPb finished components are not available anymore. Produceability and reliability of such processes are the main topic of this presentation. Additionally, Raetsen will discuss how rework should be performed when products are manufactured with a mixed technology process.

Raetsen’s second presentation, entitled, “Reliability of Fluxes in Selective Soldering Applications,” is the result of an investigation that was performed to define how reliable wave soldering fluxes are once utilized in the selective soldering process. Selective soldering is becoming more and more common in the electronics manufacturing industry. Raetsen, an experienced product and process specialist, will discuss the limitations of various flux types, such as alcohol and water based fluxes, and provide recommendations for when they should be used.

Raetsen has a university engineering background and more  than 30 years’ experience in electronics manufacturing processes. He served as a process engineer and production manager for more than 18 years at several automotive electronics manufacturing companies. Raetsen is an experienced Master IPC-A-610 trainer. He is responsible for the sales and support of Balver Zinn / Cobar products in Europe, Russia

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