Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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YINCAE Releases New Flip Chip Underfill: SMT 158 Series
ALBANY, NY - YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of a series of new underfill products that enables fast flowing, excellent reliability, and use on several different applications. According to the company, this combination of characteristics enables SMT 158 series to be the world’s best flip chip underfill.

The SMT 158 series is customizable in color, filler concentration, and particle sizes to meet each individual customer’s needs. This underfill has excellent reliability and has an extremely fast flow. It cures fast and in low temperatures. It can be utilized for bare chip protection in advanced packages like memory cards, chip carriers, hybrid circuits, and multi-chip modules. Using SMT158 will eliminate the cleaning process. SMT 158 series is compatible with lead free processes and is good for ultra-low bump applications. It can be used on several applications like chip scale packages, ball grid array devices, PoP, land grid array, and some flip chip applications. SMT 158 series provides mechanical resistance and minimizes induced stresses.
SMT 158 series distinguishes itself from the competition and can be applied to several applications. It is customizable to meet customers' needs. Additional information on the product series is available at: or by contacting YINCAE at:

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