Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Fancort's Press-Fit Technology Can Outperform Soldering
WEST CALDWELL, NJ - Fancort Industries Inc.'s latest press-fit technology shows that it can surpass traditional soldering in numerous applications. Press-fit technology is the insertion of flexible or rigid pins of connectors into plated through holes (PTHs) of printed circuit boards (PCBs) without soldering. The technology is accepted and widely used and the equipment is reliable and easy to operate. The basic requirement is that the diameter of the press-fit zone must be greater than the diameter of PTH. During the press-fit process, there is pin deformation. Thus, the pin slides into the hole and is connected tightly to the PTH

Press-fit technology has shown to provide users with numerous advantages over soldering technology:
. Prevents thermal stress on the PCB
. Eliminates pin damage or breakage, no solder bump or flux residue, etc.
. Avoids short or cold solder connections, corrosion, etc.
. Enables plug-ins to connect with plugs directly, eliminating the need for screws
. Connectors with long pins can be connected from the backside of the PCB without soldering
. Easy reparability since the connector or a single pin can be replaced
. Stable, low contact resistance and good high-frequency characteristics
. No need to wash PCBs, which can add polluted substances
. High efficiency and low cost

Fancort Industries' CT-1025E Servo Press-Fit system provides the above features as well as several others. It comes standard with auto save and analysis pressure curve software module, a manual teaching function together with a comprehensive database, air flotation to support PCB movement, a fast safety protection device, and a laser alignment device for tool positioning. The system is comprised of an H-frame, with two horizontal frames and two vertical bars with high compressive strength. This construction makes it difficult to deform, and ensures high accuracy as well as a large worktable for large-size PCBs.

Operational on Windows XP, CT-1025E also features a servo motor drive, complete with real-time monitor pressure, position and speed to avoid excessive force or low force; force monitoring software with user authority and program management, closed-loop control, statistical process control (SCP) and log; PC control that allows parameters to be set through computer, SPC, log, user authority and program management; and Pressure Velocity Feedback System (PVFS), which provides real-time monitoring of pressure vs. distance change rate to control the press-fit pieces.

The system features a maximum press-fitting press of 25 KN/60 KN, a maximum stroke of 100 mm (customization), Z-axis speed from 0.05-30 mm/s, position accuracy of ±0.02 mm, pressure accuracy of ±5 percent and left to right movement mode of the press head. Additionally, the size of the press head is customizable up to 300 x 60 mm and the worktable size measures 920 x 925 mm. Weighing only a 1,000 kg, the CT-1025E's small-footprint dimensions are 14,010 x 1,100 x 1,920 mm (L x W x H). The system runs on compressed air rate of 0.50.a MPA and the power supply is AC220V-2500W.

Fancort Industries provides solutions for electronics manufacturing processes including robotic soldering from Japan UNIX, SMT lead forming equipment and services, PCB depaneling solutions, hot bar bonding equipment, pneumatic and servo-presses, and ESD-safe racks for PCB handling.

Visit to learn more about the company's technologies, including press-fit and how it can provide better results than traditional soldering methods.

CONTACT: Fancort Industries, Inc., | 31 Fairfield Place | West Caldwell, NJ 07006
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