Sunday, June 24, 2018
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IPTE handling equipment for clean room use
ALPHARETTA, GA - IPTE extends its material-handling portfolio with a version for the use in clean rooms according to the ISO/DIS 14644-1 Class ISO 5. The equipment includes modules for the efficient handling of products in manufacturing lines and assembly them according to customer requirements. The key targets for the design of the new handling and processing units program have been the highest of demands on the quality and reliability of this equipment. Strong focus was laid on the optimization and minimization of the footprint demands and quantity of generated particles.

The mechanical construction of the modules is based on a light frame made from anodized aluminum extrusions delivering lighter construction, easier installation and better cleaning options. All the modules can be integrated into highly differentiated manufacturing lines, aiding the efficient production of a wealth of diverse products on a variety of shop floors. Since it is manufacturing equipment working around the clock, maximum reliability was another successfully reached key target in the development of the IPTE handling modules.

The clean room modules are straightforward easy to configure; due to the software which is configured via an uncomplicated program interface. In addition, all information needed for line integration, operation and control of the system can be shown in a clear format on the LCD display of every module. Each module also features an on-board diagnostic tool for the complete, 100% control of the equipment, as well as for monitoring all the individual steps of operation. The set-up of the handling modules is very easy and follows the plug & play principle.

The comprehensive machine portfolio of IPTE’s clean room handling program includes the following modules:

FIFO BUFFER, first in - first out

SHUTTLE GATE UNIT, variable stroke

TURN UNIT, turns 90°




CONVEYORS in different lengths, segment length 325mm or 650mm


IPTE is a supplier of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry and one of the market leaders in this segment. The company designs turnkey-automation systems of all kinds for production, test and further processing of printed-circuit boards, as well as of board assemblies and final products. The headquarters of the IPTE are located in Genk, Belgium. IPTE supplies global sales and services to its customers from 15 facilities in Europe, America and Asia. IPTE currently employs 600 people.

The IPTE Group's client list includes companies such as Autoliv, Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Ericsson, Hella, Johnson Controls, Lear, Leoni, Schrader, Siemens, TechniSat, TP Vision, TRW, Vaillant, Valeo, Visteon und Yazaki.

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