Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Speedline Signs FUJI for MPM Printers in Brazil; Altrade to Keep CAMALOT, Electrovert, Accel
FRANKLIN, MA Speedline Technologies Inc., announces the appointment of FUJI BRAZIL (FUJI do BRASIL) to represent, distribute, and service Speedline’s MPM line of printers in Brazil. The move is a ‘sharing’ of increasing responsibilities with Speedline’s current and continuing representative, Altrade, to accommodate Speedline’s growing market share in Brazil. Altrade will continue to represent the CAMALOT, Electrovert, and Accel lines in Brazil, according to Chris Hill, Americas Eastern Sales Manager, Camalot and MPM. 

“Providing the largest localized sales, service, and support organization to our growing customer base in Brazil is of highest importance to Speedline,” Hill said, in making the announcement. “Fuji has demonstrated focus and success in supporting the Electronics Assembly market in Brazil, particularly in the printing processes and technologies. We believe that sharing the workload with our partners at Altrade will allow us to maintain the level of customer service and support that our Brazil customers expect. Altrade has tremendous experience serving the Brazilian market, so we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them on the other Speedline products.”


Founded in 1995, Fuji Brazil has a team of more than 50 well-trained specialists, plus offices strategically located in the cities of São Paulo, Campinas, Curitiba and Manaus and two (2) full demonstration and training facilities. Fuji Brazil offers customers a broad spectrum of technical knowledge and process capabilities to assist customers in implementing and operating electronics manufacturing in Brazil.  The FUJI Machine Mfg. Co. Ltd. is one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of SMT equipment today; global headquarters are located in Chiryu, Japan.


Fuji Brazil’s Technical Support department will be responsible for the installation, training and technical assistance to MPM clients with support in the field and via telephone (Help Desk). They will also provide assistance in resolving technical questions in the acquisition and / or maintenance of machines, and will provide a local stock of spare parts in both Sao Paulo and Manaus.   

Fuji Brazil’s offices in Brazil are established in the following locations:

FUJI SAO PAULO   R. of Curupiás, 182  CEP: 04344-050 - Jabalpur - SP  PH: +55 11 5015-1650 | 5015-1651  E-mail: info@fujibrasil.com.br

FUJI Campinas  Av Pres. Juscelino, 340  CEP: 13060-858 - Campinas  PH: +55 19 3227-9125   E-mail: info@fujibrasil.com.br  

FUJI Manaus  Av Torquato Tapajós, 484  CEP: 69093-415 - Manaus  PH: +55 92 2101-0051  E-mail: info@fujibrasil.com.br

Speedline’s representative for the CAMALOT, Electrovert, and Accel lines may be contacted as follows: 

Altrade Comercio E Representacoes Ltda.    Estrada Municipal do Mingu, 669 A    12940-972 - Atibaia - SP  Caixa Postal 831, Brasil

PH: 55-11-5011-7363   Fax: 55-11-5011-0501  Email: altrade@altrade.com.br

For more information about Speedline Technologies visit www.speedlinetech.com

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