Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Adhesives Research Offers Optically Clear Adhesive
Optically clear adhesives.
Glen Rock, PA — Adhesives Research, Inc. is introducing ARclear rugged optically clear pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for virtually defect-free bonding in high-performance rigid-to-rigid display and touch screen applications.

The ARclear product line is known for facilitating high light transmission with defect-free bonding, low haze and high clarity properties. The new ARclear rugged optically clear PSAs combine these features with enhanced impact, vibration and environmental endurance for reliable bonds across the entire display glass viewing surface. They are available in optical-grade silicone, acrylic and rubber chemistries in adhesive thicknesses ranging from 3 mils (76µm) to 17 mils (425µm).

These thick-caliper PSAs withstand intense lamination processes to enhance the durability and longevity of sophisticated, hard-working displays found in military, industrial and aerospace applications. They offer comparable bonding and impact performance to liquid adhesives in a convenient, easy-to-handle PSA roll format for enhanced manufacturing efficiencies.

The rugged optically clear PSA product line includes: ARclear 93166 Optical Acrylic PSA, a 17-mil (425µm), melt process/UV cure-in-place PSA construction activates and cures through a dual process for greater control to achieve clean laminations; ARclear 93230 Optical Rubber PSA, a 3-mil (76µm) transfer adhesive construction, this product offers a high refractive index, good moisture barrier properties, and good performance in heated and non-heated lamination processes; ARclear 93227 and 93228 Optical Silicone PSAs, 5-mil (125µm) and 10-mil, (254µm) flame-resistant transfer adhesives offer high heat resistance (up to 260°C), a low refractive index and perform well in high and low temperature conditions.

Contact: Adhesives Research, 400 Seaks Run Rd., Glen Rock, PA 17327 800-445-6240 or 717-235-7979 fax: 717-235-8320 Web:

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