Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Koh Young Unveils New 3D Measurement System
HORUS measurement on a TSV (through silicon via) package.
San Francisco, CA — Sharp-eyed like a falcon, Koh Young's new HORUS inspection system is named after the ancient Egyptian falcon god, and provides unexpected capabilities and special powers. While the system excels at semiconductor applications, it is especially suitable for the full range of electronics manufacturing and assembly applications including board-level SMT.

For example, HORUS can measure the volume and dimension of virtually any type of substance, part, component, die, including very small features, very quickly and with astonishing accuracy. It can also precisely measure transparent and shiny materials with high speed and accuracy, something that no other inspection systems currently available can do.

HORUS will help customers realize higher yields in Semiconductor and Advanced Packaging applications by measuring objects that have been considered difficult to measure with appreciable speed — without sacrificing accuracy.

The system's primary advantage over current systems is that HORUS can measure virtually any object, and is particularly capable of precisely measuring transparent ones at production speeds. It is the first machine with this capability to enter the market.

It can measure shiny objects including flux and solder balls using its very wide Field of View (FOV) optics. The combination of wide FOV and quick inspection speed allows HORUS to be used as an in-line inspection machine. This will also facilitate lot testing on all products, rather than traditional sampling inspection made necessary by slow inspection speeds.

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