Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Japan Unix Unveils Laser Soldering Robot
Soldering robot.
Tokyo, Japan — Japan Unix Co. is introducing a new soldering robot, the Multi-phi laser. The new Multi-phi laser soldering system can be adjusted for each soldering pattern. The variable diameter laser beam optimizes the energetic conversion into heat, so the system provides excellent conditions for each component and pattern. With this laser, components can be soldered from any direction without interference. Further, it is immovable with fixed z-axis distance.

The UNIX-413S Mid-size Soldering Robot and the UNIX-414S Wide-area Soldering Robot are two new machines from the Solder Meister line which are being debuted at the show. Because the company is offering two slim types, the customer can choose the best robot for his soldering needs.

Both robots come with a clean cut feeder and lock-on mechanism, both popular add-ons, for high precision jobs. These models are built for durability and repeatability, and are easily installed at any factory. This flexible line is available for both inline and cell-type production.

Also on display at the show, the 5-Axis Scara Selective Soldering Robot Unix-700H which supports massive production with a fast circular motion. The system has a top speed of 7,128mm/sec with high repeatability, accuracy and rigidity. It also has an adjustable stroke length of 350, 450, and 550mm. This robot is suitable for the laser and soldering iron applications.

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