Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Rainbow Intros New Desktop Coating System
Desktop coating system.
Glasgow, Scotland, UK — Rainbow Technology Systems has introduced a new version of its innovative Desktop Coating system which offers even greater functionality and ease of use. The new system uses a special alignment system which means the copper panel and phototool can be lined up with total accuracy.

A camera system mounted on an overhead gantry means that the operator can manually adjust the position of the phototool until it is perfectly aligned. Back-to-front alignment also means that double-sided panels can be processed.

The Desktop Coater incorporates coating, laminating, imaging and UV curing in one compact unit and is designed for use in laboratories and research environments for the production of prototypes and small scale circuit board manufacturing.

Fine line detailing of 20µm and better is possible on boards up to 18 x 12-in. (460 x 305mm). The machine uses a coating bar to spread liquid coating; the coating bar is driven across the machine bed by an automatic traverse system, which ensures consistent movement speed and thickness of the coating and therefore guarantees repeatable processing. An integral contact cleaning system removes contamination during the operation and the machine comes complete with dispensers for spoils paper and laminating material.

Much of the core technology used in the Desktop Coater has been proven in the company's Rainbow Process Unit which is designed for large scale PCB production and uses the company's proprietary solvent-free liquid etch resist.

The completely self-contained unit incorporates coating, imaging, developing and rinsing in a 9m long enclosure. The process is automatic, requiring minimal operator intervention and it will deliver up to three double-sided panels per minute ready for etching.

Contact: Rainbow Technology Systems Limited, 40 Kelvin Avenue, Hillington Park, Glasgow G52 4LT, Scotland, UK +44 (0) 141 892 3320 fax: +44 (0) 141 892 3321 E-mail: Web:

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