Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Pasternack Adds More F Attenuators
New line of "F" attenuators.
Irvine, CA — Pasternack Enterprises, Inc. has expanded its line of 75Ω F attenuators. This new line of F-type attenuator is excellent for broadcast, HDTV and satcom applications in the L and S microwave bands up to 3GHz.

The company's new F attenuators are available in 1 to 10dB values in 1dB steps, with 16 and 20dB values also available. These F 75Ω fixed attenuators are widely used in the broadcast industry for signal leveling and to attenuate strong input signals to sensitive broadcasting equipment.

The new 75Ω F attenuators operate from DC to 3GHz at a max power of 2 Watts, making them high definition TV-compatible. The HD attenuators are constructed with brass bodies that are tri-metal plated for added durability. The center contacts are gold-plated which provides low loss and uniform signal strength for the life of the product. These F attenuators meet IEC 60169-24 standards and are compatible all other standard F-type components.

Contact: Pasternack Enterprises, Inc., 17802 Fitch, Irvine, CA 92614 949-261-1920 Web:

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