Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Richardson RFPD Introduces New 700 MHz–6 GHz Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier from MACOM
LaFOX, IL - Richardson RFPD, Inc. announced today the availability and full design support capabilities for a new high dynamic range, single-stage MMIC low noise amplifier from M/A-COM Technology Solutions. The MAAL-011078 is designed for operation from 700 MHz to 6 GHz and is housed in a lead-free 2 mm 8-lead PDFN plastic package. The LNA has an integrated active bias circuit, allowing direct connection to 3V or 5V bias and minimizing variations over temperature and process. The bias current is set by an external resistor, so the user can customize the power  consumption to fit the application. VBIAS can be utilized as an enable pin to power the device up and down during operation.
The MAAL-011078 is ideally suited as a first-stage LNA for 3G/4G cellular infrastructure and Wi-Fi applications, including 802.11ac, as well as Aerospace & Defense applications.
According to MACOM, additional key features of the MAAL-011078 include:
? Low Noise Figure:
o 0.35 dB @ 1.9 GHz
o 0.50 dB @ 2.6 GHz
? High Gain:
o 22 dB @ 2.6 GHz
o 15 dB @ 6.0 GHz
? High Linearity: +33 dBm OIP3
? Single Voltage Bias: 3 - 5 V
? Current Adjustable 30 - 80 mA
To find more information, or to purchase this product today online, please visit the MAAL-011078 webpage. The device is also available by calling 1-800-737-6937 (within North America); or 40W267 Keslinger Road LaFox, IL 60147 Ph: 630 208 2700 F 630 208 2662 richardsonrfpd.com

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