Thursday, May 24, 2018
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YINCAE President, Dr. Wusheng Yin, to Speak at SMTA International 2014
ALBANY, NY - Dr. Wusheng Yin, the president of YINCAE Advanced Materials LLC, is going to be speaking at the upcoming SMTA International conference and exhibition. SMTA International will take place from September 28th to October 2nd. It will be held at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

Dr. Yin will be presenting his white paper, “An Innovative Reliability Solution to Interconnect of Flexible/Rigid Substrates.” This paper will focus on the trend of miniaturization and how it affects the electronics industry. The paper discusses how YINCAE is able to help adapt to these changes through utilization of the products that it has to offer. Dr. Yin will be also talking about the groundbreaking products that YINCAE has developed and are commercially available.
YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC invites attendees to join them at the conference to learn about YINCAE and the products they offer. YINCAE has exclusive products that no other company has developed, and they believe that there is a lot that can be taken away from not only Dr. Yin’s presentation, but from SMTA International as a whole.  Visit them at booth 811.
Dr. Yin is a pioneer in the field of encapsulant adhesives and has developed several encapsulant products that have been successfully adopted by major microelectronics product and contract manufacturers. His encapsulant products have solved a number of technical issues related to microchip solder joint strength, uniformity and thermocycling. Tests comparing flux in nitrogen versus encapsulants in normal air flow claim to have demonstrated that encapsulants can increase pull strength by 5 times while reducing thermal cycling failures by 10 times, with a reduction in solder voids of up to 79%. This data translates to significant production savings for microelectronics manufacturers.
A white paper “An Innovative Reliability Solution to Interconnect of Flexible/Rigid Substrates,” can be downloaded at : White Paper - YINCAE.
For more information on YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC, visit:

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