Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Infinite SMT production solutions
 Johannes Rehm (left) and Jörg Grote at the changeover to the new system at the Rehm BlaubeurenTechnology Center. (Photo: Rehm Thermal Systems);
BLAUBEUREN, GERMANY - The electronics industry is developing in a most dynamic way. Fluctuating demand and the associated demand for the quickest product changes make production flexibility a crucial competitive factor. In order to reflect these market demands and the latest technological trends in as early as the investment phase, the Rehm Thermal Systems Technology Center at its Blaubeuren facility is equipped with high-quality systems for assembly production, which has now been expanded to include a SIPLACE SX placement machine. Interested parties can have their applications tested in advance and thus optimise their production processes in the long term. With the SIPLACE SX placement machine from ASM Assembly Systems, Rehm Technology Center now has a complete SMT production line on which product-specific manufacturing processes can be demonstrated and extensive soldering tests can be carried out. 

“At our Technology Center, we like to offer our customers high-quality manufacturing solutions for flexible production. This is why we’re particularly thrilled by the arrival of the new SIPLACE SX,” explains Johannes Rehm, Managing Director of Rehm Thermal Systems, at the changeover to the SIPLACE assembly system.

The new placement machine is currently the most flexible system available on the market, enabling targeted and scalable production depending on the order situation. Whether intended for large or small components on the circuit board, assembled at short or long intervals, the SIPLACE SX Series always achieves the optimal placement result.

“For many years, the SIPLACE Team has attached great importance to technology partnerships and close cooperation with the leading partners in the industry,” explains SIPLACE Sales Manager Jörg Grote. “With its Technology Center, Rehm has established an outstanding base for sharing its technological experience with our customers and industrial partners. We are delighted by the excellent and longstanding cooperation, always with the focus on developing new innovative solutions with the customer in mind.”

Especially with the introduction of new products, prototyping and small series production, customers value the opportunity to test systems in advance on site and receive product-specific advice without needing to modify or interrupt their own production. At the company’s Application Center, Rehm’s innovative equipment offers the best possible conditions for trials of this nature, which are now enhanced by the new assembly system from ASM.

 SMT demoboard (Photo: ASM Assembly Systems)
The cooperation at the Technology Center at the Blaubeuren facility is just one example of our successful collaboration with German partners in the SMT industry. With the development of the widely discussed SMT demoboard, which was developed under the leadership of ASM, Rehm experts have also actively shared their experiences and in cooperation with external specialists from other providers have painted a comprehensive technological picture of component
For more information about Rehm Thermal Systems:  http://www.rehm-group.com

For more information about ASM Assembly Systems: http://www.siplace.com/en

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