Friday, June 22, 2018
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Prototron Circuits’ Tamra Lowe assigned to Greater Phoenix Territory

REDMOND, WA - Russ Adams, National Sales Manager for Prototron Circuits, has announced the appointment of Tamra Lowe as the sales person responsible for the greater Phoenix region.

Ms. Lowe has a great deal of sales experience in that region including both inside and outside sales. In her most recent position she was an inside sales person for Prototron.

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Adams stated, “It’s always good to be able to hire from within and with Tamra that decision was easy. She has sold extensively in the Phoenix region and came with a great deal of territory knowledge. Since we consider Phoenix home turf for our Tucson facility it was very important that we put the right person in the position and I am very confident that Tamra is just that person.”

About Prototron:

Now in business for over twenty seven years, Prototron is one of the industry leaders when it comes to High Technology Quick Turn Printed Circuits boards. Their continued outstanding performance (98%+ Quality and Delivery) has made them a true preferred source of all companies needing reliable QTA PCBs. Prototron Circuits is truly America’s board shop.

Prototron has facilities in Redmond, Washington and Tucson, Arizona.

For more information go to   Visit the Prototron Circuits company page on LinkedIn  PCB Designers are welcome to join the “PCB Bare Board Truth: Group on LinkedIn


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