Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Saki Intros In-line 3D automated X-ray Inspection System
SAN JOSE, CA - Saki introduced the new BF-X3 3D X-ray inspection system . Based on the planar CT technology, SAKI Corporation implemented a new high-resolution detector and a new CT calculation method for PCBA inspection. These improvements leads to much faster throughput compared with previous models. The BF-X3 inspects not only soldering of BGA, LGA and QFN but also Chip, Lead IC, PTH and other components on PCB.

Saki’s unique “Planar CT Technology” analyzes the internal structures of planar objects. The detector moves parallel with the planar object capturing images from various directions. By using these diagonal images, it calculates the tomographic views of the planar object quickly and accurately. By the unique movement which both the detector and the objects moves parallel, it enables to correct the position reflecting to create high resolution image by less images taken.

BF-X3 is equipped with a new generation of high resolution flat panel detector. FOV area becomes three times larger compared to previous model without compromising resolution conditions. As a result, BF-X3 has significant faster throughput and is the ideal solution for inline inspection.

BF-X3 is a unique 3D X-ray inspection system which inspects not only soldering of BGA, LGA and QFN but also Chip, Lead IC, PTH and most used components on PCB. 3D X-ray is the suitable technology to reconstruct the shape of solder ball and fillet accurately, and to realize reliable solder inspection.

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