Friday, June 22, 2018
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YINCAE Offers Solution to Reliability of Interconnects for Flexible/Rigid Substrates
ALBANY, NY - Miniaturization is a trend in the electronic industry, which has increasingly attracted more attention. However, the manufacturing process and reliability have become more and more challenging due to miniaturization. The main issues that miniaturization present are the strength of solder joints, decreasing thermal cycling performance, and product reworkability.

The strength of solder joint or interconnects presents a challenging issue as it becomes more difficult to meet customers’ requirements. Underfilling the interconnects of rigid/flexible substrates does not solve the problem. SMT 266 - Solder joint encapsulant adhesive from Yincae provides a reliable solution to the interconnect of rigid/flexible substrates.

Using solder joint encapsulant adhesive not only doubles the strength of the interconnect compared to using traditional flux, but also ensures 100% manufacturing process yield. SMT 266 is used in line process, thus shortening the manufacturing process. According to the manufacturer, the SMT 266 solder joint encapsulant adhesive provides a solution to all problems that miniaturization can cause.

A white paper on “An Innovation Reliability Solution Interconnect of Flexible/Rigid Substrates” is available at
Additional information on the product series is available on our Website at or by contacting YINCAE at

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