Friday, May 25, 2018
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RENFREWSHIRE, SCOTLAND - TEKNEK's technical director, Sheila Hamilton, has been asked to present a scientific paper at a summer school on OLEDs and solar cells organised by Clean4Yield, the collaborative EU-funded project looking at contamination and defect control for increased yield for large scale reel-to-reel production of OPV and OLED. Sheila will present on contamination and cleaning issues in large area substrates such as the specialist films used in flat panel displays.

Continuous Product Improvement

Sheila has recently participated in the Industrial Technologies 2014 conference in Athens to give her views on "continuous product innovation". This follows a highly successful trip to Kansai in West Japan where Sheila addressed the Converting Technical Institute on yield improvement for film substrates in high vacuum environments. Her peer reviewed scientific paper was subsequently published in Convertech, the institute's official journal.

Ruaridh Nicolson, Teknek's sales and marketing manager said:"Teknek's core values are knowledge, innovation and continuous improvement. We are keen to work with industry and research partners such as the Holst Institute to solve technical problems and we are proud that Sheila's expertise is in such high demand. Through participating in high level scientific and technical conferences we are able to share our knowledge and collaborate with the leading technical organisations to further educate the market on the Science of contact cleaning."

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