Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Farsens unveils the PHOTON, a battery free RF field detector
SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN - The PHOTON from Farsens is a UHF RF field detector passive tag equipped with an LED. Whenever this tag is close to an RF field source, it will harvest the energy from the RF field and drive an LED. The stronger the RF field in a specific point and orientation, the brighter the LED will illuminate. Built in a PCB format, it is available in different sizes. The detection range is up to 3 meters for UHF RFID readers.

PHOTON tags can be used to assess the status of aging RFID implementations. RFID reader and reader antennas deployed several years ago may not perform correctly. PHOTON tags help the user assess how well the system is performing.

RF field detectors can also be used to signal activities to users. Entering a specific area may require a certain set of procedures from the user. In order to make the user aware that they entered the area, a sparkling LED will act as a visual indicator and remind the user about:

  • A specific task to do
  • A specific location to act at (by reducing the RF field as much as required to limit the designated action area)

Farsens designs and manufactures full passive RFID sensor solutions. Their proprietary UHF RFID IC allows them to develop long range solutions for asset tracking – via the unique ID – and monitoring – via the attached sensor – without the need of any battery on the tag.

CONTACT: Farsens S.L. ,  Spain (SP)  Email:   PH: +34 943308013 Fax: +34 943308013  web:

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