Monday, June 25, 2018
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PDI introduces LC Filters for Oil Exploration and Monitoring Applications
MIDDLETON, WI - Precision Devices Inc. (, a member of the Avrio Technology Group LLC, has announced a new line of Filters targeting the Oil Field Exploration and Mining market.  These products are band pass filters ranging in center frequency up to 2360MHz.   
 These new application specific filters are part of the LC filter family.  They offer unique mounting features which help to withstand harsh environments including large temperature swings from being exposed to normal outdoor conditions where oil exploration occurs.  These products offer bandwidths in excess of 25% of the center frequency.  Due to the small size, mounting can be done via SMT packaging or any other custom configurations including connectorized or through hole.  

"These new products are an extension of our Lumped Element filter family," according to Tom Sokol, Senior Vice President of Global Sales.  "We continue to add special functions and the ability to operate our products in unique environments.  These new applications allow oil wells in extreme locations to be monitored remotely."   

For more information on these filters LC Filter Datasheet or any of the PDI products, or a list of representatives and distributors, please visit or email 

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