Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Schaefer: New Industrial Grade Filters for AC-DC Power Supplies
HOPKINTON, MA-   Schaefer, Inc. is proud to introduce our new 10Amp and 20Amp industrial filters for our popular TER Series of low profile, ac-dc power supplies. The TER-10ASF and TER-20ASF are uniquely designed to attenuate high frequency noise on ac lines thereby reducing the level of conducted emissions.The TER-ASF Series are suitable for all types of applications and feature an ultra-wide operating temperature range that allows their application in equipment designated for different climatic conditions, including high humidity.

Utilizing amorphous nano-crystalline cores, the TER-ASF Series of ac filters come in smaller/lighter packaging, have lower loss and superior quality. These robust filters are also made in low profile metal cases. They are also fully potted using a heat-conducting insulating compound. Features include surge protection to 1000Vac, ultra-wide temperature range (-50ºC to +85ºC), high humidity tolerance (up to 98%), and up to 55dB of attenuation.

The TER-ASF filter is designed to complement the TER Series of AC-DC power supplies by providing compliance to EN-55022 Class B Emissions.

Detailed product specifications can be viewed at TER-10ASF and TER-20ASF.
For further information and unit pricing contact - Frank DeGiso, North America Sales Manager.
Contact Schaefer, Inc., 45 South Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748  PH: 508/435-6400 Fax: 508/435-6401 

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