Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Fairview Debuts New Lines of Tunable Microwave Filters
Tunable microwave filters.
Allen, TX — Fairview Microwave, Inc. has introduced its new lines of bandpass and band-reject tunable filters. The company's tunable RF filters are commonly used in lab environments for testing many frequency bands including PCS, UHF, PMR, Tetra, LTE, and WiFi. The tunable bandpass filters and band-reject filters, also known as band-stop filters or band-rejection filters, are effective in band selection or frequency discrimination with high attenuation greater than 50dB possible, allowing for excellent noise, harmonic and adjacent-band reduction. The company's tunable filters are designed with ruggedized aluminum casings with critical surfaces silver plated, making them highly durable in a demanding environment. This latest release includes 6 bandpass filters capable of octave-band tuning from 125MHz to 3GHz depending on configuration, and a 5 percent pass band. They employ a 5-section tunable design and have a mechanical dial accurate within 1 percent.

Also being offered by the company are 5 new band-reject models with octave-band tuning ranges from 100MHz to 2GHz depending on configuration, and a 1 percent reject band. These band-reject filters use a 3-section design and have a mechanical dial tuner accurate to 0.5 percent. Each of the new bandpass filters and band-reject filters are rated to 50 Watts CW power handling and are designed with N female connectors.

Contact: Fairview Microwave, 1130 Junction Dr., Suite 100, Allen, TX 75013 972-649-6678 Web:

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