Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Bentek Solar and Advanced Energy to Bundle Recombiner
Bipolar circuit breaker recombiner.
San Jose, CA — Bentek Solar, a manufacturer of a broad range of products that connect photovoltaic (PV) panels to inverters for residential, commercial and utility-scale marketplaces worldwide, has partnered with Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS). Advanced Energy will offer a Bentek bipolar circuit breaker recombiner with the Advanced Energy 500NX inverter to meet NEC 2011 code requirements.

Bentek has been shipping the bipolar circuit breaker recombiner into the marketplace in support of Advanced Energy inverters for more than two years. This new partnership with Advanced Energy provides a one-stop solution to meet NEC 2011 code requirements in a simple, cost-effective and convenient manner for customers.

The AE 500NX-600V inverter has a true 97.5 to 98 percent weighted efficiency without carve-outs for auxiliary power or other adjustments, enabling a greater and quicker return on investment. With fleet availability in excess of 99 percent and AE's extensive O&M service protecting investments over the course of the lifetime of a system, energy harvest also is maximized.

This bundled package offers developers and system owners a streamlined solution that will deliver the performance, durability and reliability necessary for long-term return on investment.

Contact: Bentek Solar,2350 Harris Way San Jose, CA 95131 866-505-0303 E-mail:SolarSales@bentek Web:

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