Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Applicos Intros 22-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Arbitrary waveform generator plug-in.
Heerde, The Netherlands — Applicos BV manufacturer of modular semiconductor test systems for mixed-signal circuits, has introduced AWG22, a new, advanced arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) for the company's ATX-series test systems. The module uses a combination of multiple DACs, sub-ranging, and error correction to deliver a full 22-bit performance level, with SNR and THD ratings that surpass many 24-bit AWGs.

According to the company, the excellent linearity, step response, and DC accuracy of AWG22 serve a wide range of applications requiring sine wave generation, ultra-linear ramp generation and fast stepping signals. With 4M-word (12MB) of internal memory very complex signal waveforms can be generated.

Upwards-compatible with the company's AWG20, the new AWG22 provides a 2Msps sample rate and eight output ranges, starting at 80mVpp up to 10.24Vpp, which covers a wide range of unit-under-test input voltages. A filter-bank with four low-pass filters (1.2kHz, 12kHz, 40kHz, and 200kHz) provides excellent signal conditioning to obtain the best possible signal integrity. In addition, there are four software-selectable signal paths available for user defined filters.

Contact: Applicos North America, 601 Main St., #206, Vancouver, WA 98660 360-558-3005 E-mail: Web:

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