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Manufacturer Innovates Test Probes And Fixtures
Konstanz, Germany — The phrase "Made in Germany" still has meaning for Ingun, a company known for its standard and custom test probes and fixtures. The family-run business, about to celebrate its 43rd year of operation this year, is represented in 46 different countries around the world and still manufactures its precision test equipment in what today is a highly modernized and expanded facility in Constance (Konstanz), Germany. The company's probes and test fixtures are vital to electronics production testing for a wide range of markets, including for characterizing components and systems in automotive electronics, medical electronics, and telecommunications. The test probes and fixtures are quickly gaining favor for testing high-frequency components and systems, such as RF/microwave equipment used in wireless communications systems. Supported by more than 250 highly-qualified and motivated employees worldwide, the company offers more than 400 series of test probes and fixtures with more than 50 different tip styles to accommodate many different testing requirements.

Test fixtures include manual, pneumatic, and vacuum-operated solutions for making electrical contacts with both single-sided and double-sided units under test (UUTs). Standard models of test fixtures are often enhanced into custom solutions according to requests and requirements from customers. The design and development of new test probes and fixtures is guided by the company's "innovation campaign," wherein innovations and development goals are constantly communicated across the company and made available to the general public at the firm's website at As an example, the company provides videos to show the use of many of their products in typical applications, allowing visitors to the website to get a realistic idea of how they might use a particular probe or test fixture product.

The striving for innovations is most evident in the benefits and high performance levels offered by new test equipment. For example, the MA21xx series of test systems allow one operator to handle several test fixtures at once, automatically opening manual test fixtures according to preset test results. The test fixtures are closed manually, and then opened automatically when positive test results are achieved. The positive test results can be indicated by a green light, with negative results shown by an optionally available red light-emitting-diode (LED) indicator.

In addition to the MA 21xx series systems, the firm has developed the innovative MA 32xx series of manual test fixtures for rugged in-field applications requiring durable operation. The MA 32xx series test fixtures build upon the achievements of the MA 21xx series test fixtures, and feature a tall guided parallel stroke of about 22mm. They are also designed and constructed for long lifecycles, rated for more than 2 million contact strokes at 2N contact force under laboratory conditions.

For applications requiring high-current testing, the HSS-621 and HSS-623 M series high-current probes can handle currents to 75 A and are designed to test increasingly smaller components at those higher current levels. They are available with different tip styles and configurations and are constructed to handle the demands of in-field applications. The firm recently announced the high-current probe HSS-624 M high-current probe with Kelvin contact for testing to 100 A. It has been developed for simultaneously transferring high currents and carrying out voltage measurement directly on the contact pads (four-pole measurement).

INGUN is currently represented on all five continents and in more than 46 countries, with INGUN US operating as a subsidiary along with other subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain, China, and India. It is a worldwide company serving its customers with innovative test solutions that start in Germany, designed and still "made in Germany."

Contact: INGUN USA, 252 Latitude Lane, Suite 102, Lake Wylie, SC 29710 803-831-1200 fax: 803-746-0869 E-mail: Web:

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