Monday, June 18, 2018
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Speedline Launches Space-Saving MPM BTB Printers
Back-to-back MPM printers.
Franklin, MA — SMT electronics assemblers can nearly double their stencil printing throughput without doubling their machine footprint with the new MPM Momentum BTB (Back to Back) printer. The space-saving printer is 200mm shorter than the standard Momentum with an overall length of 2.8m for the two machines.

Configured for Back-to-Back (BTB) processing, two individual printers positioned back to back in a manufacturing line, it enables dual lane processing with the combined output of two machines, conserving floor space and creating a shorter manufacturing line length, but without sacrificing volume or yields. Momentum BTB is designed with all-front access to the entire electrical system, solvent reservoirs, etc. so that no extra space is required for accessibility between the machines in a BTB setup.

BTB configuration offers ultimate flexibility, matching printer strategy to dual lane strategy. A a Dual Lane line, for example, instead of a traditional double-sided reflow line, can greatly reduce capital requirements. Dual Lane processing can deliver much higher throughput per square foot than single-lane configurations, and has the flexibility to print multiple products in a single SMT line, e.g., top and bottom side, same side, or mother/daughter boards.

MPM Momentum printers are described as fast, precise, and highly reliable, with performance unmatched by any other printer in its class. MPM Momentum BTB printers are offered in two different throughput configurations for optimum flexibility in line balancing.

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