Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Hitachi Intros Stack Stick Feeder
New stackable stick feeder.
Dallas, TX — Hitachi High-Tech Instruments has introduced its new Stack Stick Feeder for the Sigma Series modular mounters. The Stack Stick Feeder is especially well-suited for feeding odd-form components to the mounter. The feeder can accommodate up to 6 sticks at a time, with maximum length of each stick of 600mm (23.6-in.) and an auto change feature automatically replaces empty sticks with full ones. There is no need to stop production, since 6 sticks can be stacked at a time in the stack area. Changeover time is only 2 seconds.

The Stack Stick Feeder joins other innovative options for the Sigma Series Modular Mounters. The G5S, introduced in 2013, is faster and more capable than the Sigma G5, has nearly double the accuracy, and offers placement speeds of up to 75,000cph, high speed head accuracy down to 25µm, and multi-function head accuracy down to 15µm.

Contact: Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., P.O. Box 612208, Dallas, TX 75261-2208 972-615-9000 Web:

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