Monday, May 28, 2018
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Ersa Offers Flexible Soldering System
VARIO wave control for selective soldering.
Plymouth, WI — Kurtz Ersa North America has recently developed and released the new Mini VARIO Wave, a game-changing option for its selective solder systems. The Mini Wave feature offers users the ability to combine a selective solder machine with a wave soldering process in one soldering system.

The company's patented VARIO Wave, when combined with its selective soldering equipment, offers a stable, reproducible wave soldering process. Designed for all applications and throughput requirements, the Mini VARIO Wave offers outstanding wettability performance up to 75mm. With the company's controlled movement of speed and wave pressure, the patent-pending VARIO technology offers precise pressure and distribution. In addition, the Mini VARIO Wave has improved flow characteristics and offers solder snap-off technology.


Contact: Kurtz Ersa North America Inc., 1779 Pilgrim Rd., Plymouth, WI 53073 920-893-1779 fax: 920-893-1562 E-mail: Web:

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