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PCB Handling Solutions Start With "Quality In Design"
2nd side production (flip into PCB loader).

PROMATION, Inc. has developed a fair share of printed-circuit-board (PCB) automated handling solutions for electronics manufacturers, with an assortment of features and capabilities depending upon customers’ needs. These PCB handling systems include the “Signature Series” systems, complete with touch-panel controls and automated adjustments, and the “HD Series” of PCB handling systems, designed to handle some of the physically largest PCBs in the industry. The different PCB handling systems meet much different sets of requirements, but they are linked by the firm’s guiding philosophy of bringing “Quality In Design” to all of the PCB handling system solutions they offer.

PROMATION has built a strong reputation among PCB manufacturers by listening closely to its customers and attempting to provide them with reliable solutions that surpass expectations. This simple business plan has worked so well, in fact, that the company will be celebrating its 15th anniversary as a business this autumn, having survived through both good and bad economic environments by offering PCB handling systems that work reliably and meet or exceed their specifications. The firm maintains its competitive edge by continually reviewing new designs, processes, and customer feedback and seeking to achieve continual improvement in the company and in its products. Customers, for example, seeking a system that can handle their different types of PCBs will find an assortment of system solutions, including for handling PCBs with surface-mount-technology (SMT) components.

Custom passageway for continuous flow production.

On a recent visit with contract manufacturer Dynalab Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Inc. (, a full-service EMS facility located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, PROMATION was able to conduct a comprehensive review of systems that had originally been installed more than nine years earlier.

Company personnel explained that the visit was educational and informative and added that it supplemented their understanding and ability to analyze the lifespans of equipment currently in use. They further concluded that it was vital to understand how the equipment performs in the field, and how best to offer offer effective support, ensuring that customers remain at the highest level of satisfaction.

Vertically Integrated User
Dynalab is a customer that can put the equipment to good use, since it is vertically integrated and employs a diverse mix of technologies to accomplish its product assembly. The company provides a wide range of technologies, including through-hole and SMT PCB assembly, wire harness and cable assembly, insert molding, and electromechanical assembly. Dynalab’s Director of Manufacturing, Craig Reiselt, reported that PROMATION’s equipment has provided virtually incident-free service over the past nine years: “We have achieved great faith in PROMATION products.” He added: “By incorporating handling systems that perform well in a high-output environment, we allow ourselves more time dedicated towards our products; while eliminating time spent troubleshooting the production line.”

Dynalab is a high-volume manufacturer that runs three shifts, often seven days a week, with healthy demands on the use of the PCB handling equipment.

A review of the equipment conducted by PROMATION’s technical staff revealed that, in spite of the heavy workload, the equipment was still in excellent condition and, with regular upkeep, could be expected to provide acceptable levels of performance for many years to come.

Designing and building reliable PCB handling equipment are important steps in establishing a successful manufacturing company, especially a company that can prosper after 15 years through often challenging economic times. PROMATION’s PCB handling system solutions provide a great deal of flexibility on the production floor. They provide high durability without excessive maintenance required, with minimal downtime or “lost time” on the manufacturing floor. Such high reliability can be attributed to the company’s approach of designing for durability and long-term use.

Many of the firm’s PCB handling systems are proprietary designs, but all follow the practice of “quality in design” to provide as much value as possible for a customer for the given amount of hardware.

Over the years, the basic function of conveying PCBs from one assembly process to another has not changed much. However, the company has managed to offer customers long-lasting standard and custom solutions that best fit their needs without complicating the basic function. The firm’s PCB handling system solutions include traceability solutions (tracking of a PCB from concept until final assembly), intelligent routing systems, handling solutions for physically large PCBs, and automatic label placement functions.

As the firm moves towards its 15th anniversary later this year, its management and employees have much to be thankful for. PROMATION understands very well that without their customers’ trust and loyalty, the company simply would not exist.

This philosophy has served the company and its customers well over the past 15 years. Looking ahead to a new age of electronics manufacturing automation where innovation and customer support will be increasingly important, PROMATION looks forward providing premium solutions that leverage the advancements in technology which are unfolding in the industry.


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