Saturday, June 23, 2018
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HOLLISTON, MA -Lista, a STANLEY Industrial & Automotive, LLC business, offers ListaWorks™ design assistance for customizing electronics assembly workspaces. The ListaWorks service is a unique process that allows Lista to provide the highest-quality, custom-configurable solutions to precisely fit each customer’s needs. 

Experts examine and predict current and future storage and workspace requirements, and propose solutions that provide high-density, reduced-footprint storage and offer the greatest workspace productivity. This detailed, personalized plan maximizes efficiency, flexibility, and profitability while optimizing your space.

Beginning with customized surveys and layout development, the process includes a detailed floorspace utilization analysis and is fully integrated with architectural and construction planning. ListaWorks even includes 3D layouts of the facility so that customers can visualize how the suggested solution will work in their specific space.

Assembling electronic and mechanical parts with maximum efficiency and productivity requires optimal space and ergonomics, and Lista offers a full range of workspace solutions to meet these needs. The Arlink® 8000 and Align® Adjustable Height workstations are two examples of customizable products Lista can integrate into a personalized ListaWorks solution.

Lista, now part of the Storage & Workspace Systems business unit of STANLEY Industrial & Automotive, LLC is an ISO 9001 certified global leader in modular storage and workspace solutions. Lista says that it offers the industry’s broadest line and customized solutions that precisely fit specific needs.

CONTACT: Lista, 106 Lowland Street, Holliston, MA 01746; PH: 1-800-722-3020; FAX 508-626-0353; E-MAIL

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