Monday, May 21, 2018
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YS Tech USA Announces Improved 60mm Fan Models
GARDEN GROVE, CA - YS Tech Designers and Engineers have managed to expand their NYW 60x25mm fan models performance by 35%! The new models take the upper RPM limit from 6800 to 10500 RPM. This was accomplished by completely redesigning the PCB, components, fan blade and motor internals. 

The previous top RPM was 6800 in the 48 volt model. Now with the upgraded motor design, the top RPM has been increased to 10500. Of course the RPM increase was not the end goal of the Engineers. It is what the RPM increase can provide, which is dramatic! The old CFM and Pressure figures of 30 CFM and 12 mm-H2O on the 48V models has been restrictive to YS Tech customers for some time. Now, those figures are OVER 50 CFM and 27 mm-H2O for the same model. That is a significant increase and puts this newly redesigned 60x25mm cooling fan at the top with the best fan companies in the industry.

In order for the YS Tech Engineers to gain the impressive 35% increase, they had to start with a clean sheet of paper.  First, they eliminated the old PCB design and components. Then a completely new BOM [Bill of Material] was developed and a new PCB design and layout enabled the new components to contribute to the increase. The YS Tech Engineers knew with greater speed would bring the requirement for a new blade design. So that was next. And, of course the motor design had to be changed also. Some of the new design is proprietary, but includes wire gage and winding count.

A quick comparison with several of the most popular fan manufacturers will provide proof that YS Tech has indeed a winner! Several of the other Asian-based cooling fan makers do not come close to the expanded capabilities of the NYW 60x25mm YS Tech models. Even the European suppliers do not match both parameters under discussion.

These expanded models are so new they are not yet on the YS Tech USA website nor in the catalog – but they will be very soon. In the meantime, readers can contact Charlie Taylor – National Sales Manager, for specific model specifications and part numbers, at: 714 379-2460 or  through the website:

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