Friday, January 19, 2018
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Fancort Industries Introduces Value-Priced Floor Mounted PCB Depaneling Routers with Vision System
CALDWELL, NJ ―  Fancort Industries, Inc., a global supplier of cost-effective solutions to electronics manufacturers, has introduced a new line of floor mounted PCB Depaneling Routers. The new models include the SM3320S-S Single Table, SM3350S-D Twin Table and SM4520L-D Twin Table for higher production requirements.

 The new line of floor mounted routers features a built-in high-resolution color CCD camera with 20X magnification that assists programming and allows the operator to watch the operation. The routers program the cutting path with easy-to-use controls that are saved, edited and copied and a vision system is included to check fiducials before cutting starts or can be turned off to increase throughput. Precision ball-screw and linear guides maintain accurate repeatability of ±0.03 mm. Additionally, all three models offer dust collection from the bottom with a built-in ionizer to reduce static electricity and a safety shield to protect the operator.

The new line of routers is available in single or twin table models and various working areas to accommodate customer needs. Priced considerably lower than the competition, the routers are priced between $40-$75K. For more information about the systems and options, email or visit

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