Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Sensirion again among the 100 most popular employers
STAEFA, SWITZERLAND - According to the latest survey results from Universum, Sensirion is one of the most popular employers among technical and science graduates. The company’s excellent reputation is founded on its strong corporate culture and unique mix of innovation, employee advancement and team spirit.
Universum, the research institute for HR marketing, conducts an annual representative survey of 10,000 Swiss students on their most desired employers and career plans. According to the latest results, Sensirion remains one of the most popular employers for engineers (38th place) and graduates of other natural sciences and IT disciplines. The popularity of the leading manufacturer of sensor and software solutions is based in part on its strong corporate culture, in which fair and honest cooperation, social cohesion and promotion of exceptional performance are core values. Another key factor is Sensirion’s worldwide reputation for innovation and continuous development: Its products and technologies are protected by more than 100 patents. According to the European Patent Office (EPO), the company is one of the top 20 patent filers in Switzerland and one of the top 3 in the canton of Zurich. These figures are compelling evidence of the friendly, yet demanding work environment. They also show that Sensirion is able to recruit the top graduates from each class.
Another sign of Sensirion’s innovative force is its transition from a pure hardware component manufacturer into a comprehensive solution and software provider. This innovative drive gives rise to an endless pipeline of new and diverse fields of activity for engineers and natural scientists from different disciplines, including sensor technology, physics, technology and software development. “To be successful as a company, we need employees with different capabilities,” says Andrea Orzati, Vice President Mobile & Consumer Business. “We want to continue to set new standards in the hightech sector and surprise our international clients with innovative products. It goes without saying that we need the best people for that.”
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