Monday, May 21, 2018
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Henkel Expands Award-Winning TECHNOMELT Portfolio
IRVINE, CA - Building on the success of its broad TECHNOMELT materials portfolio, The Electronics Group of Henkel today announced the development and commercial availability of three new advanced formulations that address some of today’s most demanding encapsulation requirements.  TECHNOMELT PA 668, TECHNOMELT AS 4226 and a chemical-resistant TECHNOMELT have all been designed to offer the proven benefits associated with TECHNOMELT materials in even more capable formulas.

TECHNOMELT materials are enabling numerous applications including all types of sensor technologies, automotive products, new lighting designs, consumer goods and medical devices, among others,” explains Art Ackerman, Henkel Global Product Manager for Circuit Board Protection. “Not only does the portfolio -- which boasts more than 40 formulations -- continue to expand, the performance and capability is constantly being refined.”

A viable and streamlined alternative to traditional potting processes, TECHNOMELT low pressure molding materials deliver ease-of-use, fast cure times, single-material processing and the ability to accommodate sensitive components and circuitry.  These latest materials leverage all of these advantages and build on them with new UV stability, color availability and chemical resistance.

TECHNOMELT PA 668 is a UV-stabilized white molding material that has been engineered to be aesthetically aligned with consumer and industrial product designs, while offering superior molding and color integrity performance.  Ideal for multiple applications including indoor and outdoor LED lighting, household consumer products and industrial sensors, the UV and thermal stability of TECHNOMELT PA 668 make it extremely versatile.  Resistance to UV light, as well as temperature resistance in-process and in-use, TECHNOMELT PA 668 maintains its color even when subjected to harsh external environments, longer molding dwell times and extended thermal and ultra-violet light exposure after encapsulation. 

For use with applications that require optical clarity, Henkel has formulated a transparent TECHNOMELT material to enable high transmittance of optical signals.  Used for a variety of sensors in the industrial, consumer, automotive and lighting sectors, TECHNOMELT AS 4226 allows manufacturers to leverage the performance enabled by this ultra-clear material while also being assured of UV stability and long-term color consistency. 

“The transparent material speaks to Henkel’s formulation know-how,” says Ackerman, who understands the complexities of delivering UV stability in a clear product. “There is a real art – not to mention profound chemistry expertise – to designing an ultra-clear material that is both UV and thermally stable. This is a first for the encapsulation market.”

Rounding out the trio of new hotmelt molding materials is a unique TECHNOMELT product which offers chemical resistance for devices that are exposed to various chemicals including solvents, acids, engine fluids, soaps and alkalines, among others.  Low-pressure molding speed is exceptionally fast and, like all TECHNOMELT materials, this formulation provides freedom of design, streamlined processing with housing construction and product sealing in a single step, and very little material waste.

All of these latest TECHNOMELT materials, along with Henkel’s conformal coatings and solder solutions, will be on display at the Sensor Expo from June 24 through June 26 in Rosemont, Illinois.  See Henkel at booth #700 or visit for more information. 

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