Sunday, June 24, 2018
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ALBANY, NY -  YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of a series of new encapsulant products that enable greater production temperature flexibility for microchips with different alloy applications. 

Because connections between semiconductor devices and substrates react differently to changes in temperature, they are prone to crack whenever they are heated and cooled, such as during the thermal cycling process.  Underfill materials have traditionally been used to mitigate the issue and dissipate the stress, but their use requires subjecting the devices to additional heat (between 70° C and 90° C to flow properly) adding an additional step to the production process.  Components which have been underfilled are also difficult to rework.  Altogether, this translates to additional cost in terms of the production process, rework and scrap.

The YINCAETM SMT256/SMT266 Product Series is a family of microchip assembly and ball attachment adhesive products that replace underfill and the underfill process with an encapsulant product that can be dipped, printed, jetted or brushed at temperatures ranging from 140° C  to 260° C.   The SMT256/SMT266 Product Series can enhance solder joint reliability and eliminate solder joint cracking in microchip applications,  creating a solder joint bond that is 5-to-10 times stronger than a conventional solder joint.  The products are also designed for use in lead-free, Sn/Pb and Sn/Bi processes.

Although encapsulant products are not new, the industry has been hard pressed to find an encapsulant product that: a) demonstrates superior performance to underfill;  b) can be applied at low temperatures, and c) is 100% reworkable.  The YINCAETM SMT256/SMT266 Product Series family addresses all of these issues.

Additional information on the product series is available on our Website at: or by contacting YINCAE at:

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