Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Speedline Launches New Electrovert? Electra? Next Generation Wave Soldering System
CAMDENTON, MO The new Electrovert® Electra™ by Speedline Technologies® is the ‘Next Generation’ in wave soldering systems, offering innovative new features and enhanced performance that make it the most ‘state-of-the-art’ wave soldering system to be launched into the marketplace to date, according to Geoff Klein, Electrovert’s General Manager.

New in 2014, Electra features IsoThermal convection pre-heat utilizing patented technology from Electrovert reflow soldering systems. Electra’s full nitrogen tunnel can be field upgraded, and its Intelligent Flux Control, which is also patented technology from Electrovert reflow, is available with the Full Tunnel feature. “The best of Electrovert’s proven, patented technologies in wave soldering and reflow come together in complementary fashion to create a powerful, capable wave soldering system,” Klein says. Integrated fume extraction adds to the well-thought-out performance design of this reliable, repeatable, tightly controlled production machine. “Combined with other features including 24” (610 mm) process width capability, dual head ServoJet™ fluxing, and DwellMax™ Plus solder nozzles, the new Electra offers more production capability and capacity than any other wave soldering system on the market,” Klein adds.

Electra also features an innovative approach to 100% accessibility, incorporating new designs focused on improving accessibility, ease of maintenance, and more, including Electra’s new signature styling.

In making the announcement, Geoff Klein stated, “We’re grateful to all of our customers and employees who contributed their ideas and suggestions to the design and development of Electra. It was a team effort, and we believe this kind of collaboration will continue to set us apart.  We look forward to working with our customers and friends as we continue to challenge and develop new solutions.” 

Speedline Technologies Electrovert has a wave soldering installed base of more than 5,000 units worldwide and holds more than 400 patents across its three product lines, i.e., Reflow and Wave Soldering, and Precision Cleaning.  Electrovert is recognized as having the highest brand recognition for innovation, reliability, and process leadership. All Electrovert systems are designed and built in the USA. 

For more information about Speedline Technologies visit www.speedlinetech.com

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