Friday, May 25, 2018
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FasTest LuerMate Connectors Simplify Testing
Luerlock test connectors.
Minneapolis, MN — FasTest, Inc. introduces its new LuerMate connector series, designed to provide seamless connection to all standard female medical Luer configurations. A simple-to-use, sleeve operation eliminates repetitive twisting and turning, and the connectors simplify testing processes and improve productivity for medical Luer testing applications.

Utilizing mechanical actuation, the LuerMate connector series minimizes production costs by eliminating plumbing and fittings generally required in pneumatic test applications. The collet design locks securely to the Luer for instant test connections to 750 psi. With no operator adjustment, the LuerMate connectors' special design also minimizes the potential of any over or under tightening, which can damage the Luer or cause a false fail in testing.

According to the company, it has completely reengineered the 60 series for industrial applications to serve the medical industry with an enhanced design to provide fast, simple and secure connections to all types of female medical Luers. Now, customers can save time and improve testing processes, while ensuring a reliable connection.

Additional FasTest LuerMate style connectors are available in automated or manual configurations for male or female Luer testing. Special configurations are also available for unique filling, flushing or testing applications.

Contact: FasTest, Inc., 1646 Terrace Drive, Roseville, MN 55113-1317 800-444-2373 or 651-645-6266 fax: 651-645-7390 Web:

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