Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Dimmable Buck LED Driver from Diodes Inc.
Dimming driver for LEDs.
Plano, TX — Diodes Incorporated has introduced a dimmable buck LED driver that enables a reduction in component count and PCB size in 12 and 24V LED lighting systems and MR16-type LED lamps. The AL8807B is a hysteretic driver with an integrated power switch and operates at a switching frequency of 1MHz. The output current is set using a single external sense resistor.

Dimming is achieved by applying a fast digital PWM signal to the driver's control input. A low voltage, applied to the same input, turns the output power switch off. Lamp reliability is ensured by the driver's built-in over-temperature, LED open-circuit and short-circuit protection features.

By packaging the driver in a small footprint, low thermal-resistance MSOP-8EP package, a higher power density is achieved, maximizing the permissible LED current over a wider ambient temperature range. The AL8807B delivers an LED drive current up to 1.3A and operates between -40 to +125°C with an efficiency of 96 percent. From voltage sources between 6 and 36V, the driver will produce a constant current for a chain of high brightness LEDs. Average LED current accuracy is better than 5 percent, helping to improve channel-to-channel matching and meeting the requirements of most medium voltage LED lighting products.

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