Friday, June 22, 2018
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API Technologies Intros Switched Filter Banks
Switched filter bank.
Orlando, FL — API Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ATNY) is introducing a new line of standard switched filter banks with customer-specified frequency bands from 2 to 7 channels. With lead times as short as four weeks, the configurable solution

significantly reduces development cycle time, resulting in cost savings and faster time to market.

Offering customer-defined passband frequencies from 20MHz to 7500MHz with ultimate rejection up to 20GHz, these switched filter banks can be used in a wide variety of applications where cost-efficiency and high performance are required. Rugged construction make the products suitable for military and high-end commercial applications needing superior signal integrity, including electronic warfare (EW) and electronic intelligence (ELINT).

These high-performance, integrated devices use mechanically channelized PIN diode switch manifolds for lower insertion loss and high isolation, as well as lumped element filters for increased rejection, all in a space efficient footprint. They also use integrated switch drivers with typical switching speeds of 200 nanoseconds.

The switched filter banks provide high isolation/rejection (>60dB typical) and operate from a single +5.0V supply. Laser sealing and environmental ESS for high reliability applications as well as RoHS-compliant versions are available.

Contact: API Technologies Corp., 4705 S. Apopka Vineland Road, Suite 210, Orlando, FL 32819 888-553-7531 or 855-294-3800 E-mail: Web:

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